Since the introduction of soft silicone, the use of silicone in temple arm tips for glasses has been steadily increasing.  The function of an eyeglass temple tip, also known as an eyewear temple cover or eyeglass temple end, is to provide a barrier between the eyeglass temple arm and the points of contact with the sunglass or optical frame wearer.  Replacement silicone temple tips and temple ends often provide a higher degree of cushioning than that provided by traditional plastic temple cover materials such as found in acetate temple tips and zyl plastic temple covers.

An embedded cavity running along the majority of the length of the temple cover is slid over the thin metal rod which forms the temple arm of the eyeglass frame.  A variety of silicone temple covers are shown below. Simply click on SPECS to view the specifications of each temple tip.

Silicone (Soft)
1.0mm Core Diameter
Pure Silicone Slim
Temple Tip
Black     - Silicone - Eyeglass Slim Temple Tip / Temple Cover
- Core diameter 1.0mm $4.95/pr & FREE SPARE PAIR
Item Number:  ZAST7O-BKIO
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