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Screw-In Nose Pads
An eyeglass frame screw-in nose pad insert is characterized by a nosepad that is secured to a nose pad mount be means of small nose pad screw.  Screw in nose pads are most commonly referred to as screw-on nose pads.

Screw-in eyeglass nose pads have a through hole on their backside which is attached to a corresponding mating nose pad mount by means of a nose pad screw that is typically constructed of stainless steel.

Although screw-in frames nose pads are available in most any size, shape, and material, the size of the nose pad hole is typically the same.  Although many screw-in pads for eyeglasses use the same type of nose pad screw, there are differences among different nose pads and nose pad mounts.  Unless an existing nose pad screw is defective, it should be re-used when installing a new set of nose pads.

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