Nose pads for Oakley glasses and replacement parts are often needed when existing nose pads for Oakley sunglasses and lifestyle eyeglasses need replacing.  Glasses, like most other products, need periodic maintenance to keep them performing in an optimal manner.  Keeping eyeglass nose pads clean and up to date is as important as regularly cleaning lenses and frames.  Due to environmental conditions and simple wear, in time the performance of nose pads degrades.  Occasional use of replacement nose pieces for Oakley spectacles and sunglasses is an important part of routine maintenance for your glasses.

OptiPad® nose pads for Oakley glasses are fabricated with premium grade silicone and are top quality replacement nose pads for popular Oakley glasses and sunglasses including Oakley Tinfoil, Feedback, EVR, Daisy Chain, GIVEN Sun, and Titanium Crosshair. The replacement nose pads for the Oakley Air Tech style have a supple silicone outer shell that surrounds an air bubble inner core that provides a soft cushioning effect. This Air-Active design nose pad self adjusts according to the weight of the eyeglass frame.   Always have OptiPad® replacement nose pads on hand to keep your Oakley glasses and sunglasses in top shape!
Discount Nose Pads For Oakley Glasses
Round nose pads and button nose pads for glasses and sunglasses
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Partial Oakley Nose Pads Compatibility List:
12mm x 7mm
Silicone Replacement Nose Pads For Oakley Glasses Repair Parts
Nose Pads For Oakley Glasses and Sunglasses
Air Snap-In - $6.95/(10-Pair)
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Oakley EVR Daisy Chain Nose Pads
Oakley Feedback Nose Pads
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Oakley Given Nose Pads
Oakley Given Sun Nose Pads
Oakley Holbrook Metal Nose Pads
Oakley Keel Nose Pads
Oakley Kick Back Nose Pads
Oakley Metal Keel Nose Pads
Oakley Prizm Carbon Blade Nose Pads
Oakley Sanctuary Nose Pads
Oakley Tailback Nose Pads
Oakley Tie Breaker Nose Pads
Oakley Tincan Nose Pads
Oakley Tinfoil Nose Pads
Oakley Tinfoil Carbon Nose Pads
Oakley Titanium Crosshair Nose Pads
Oakley Wingfold EVR EVS VS Nose Pads
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