Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Stick-On Nose Pads For Plastic Frames
Consumers often use the term stick on nose pad synonymously with the term adhesive nose pad.  People in the optical trade generally prefer to use the term adhesive nosepad since the word adhesive more properly describes how a nose pad adheres to an eyeglass frame.

The most common stick-on nose pads for plastic frames are available as either foam based stick on nose pads, or silicone based stick on nose pads.

Silicone stick-on pairs of nose pads or nose pieces generally have a longer life than their foam based counterpart since silicone is more resistant to skin abrasion and oily surfaces.

Furthermore, water or lens cleaners that interact with a silicone surface are partially or totally repelled from the surface and are thus prevented from adversely interacting with the underlying nose pad adhesive backing.  This favorably compares to foam based stick-on nose pad pairs which generally do not prevent liquids and solutions from interacting and degrading the underlying adhesive layer.

All varieties of adhesive nose pads for glasses require periodic replacement by the spectacle glasses wearer.

Stick on nose pads are generally available in a symmetrical shape and are provided on wax type sheets that typically contain two or more nose pad pairs.

A stick on nose pad that is fabricated in silicone is an example of clear nose pads used frequently in the optical trade.  Silicone adhesive nose pads and foam eyeglass nose pads adhesive are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate virtually all types of glasses, spectacles, and sunglasses.

Nose pads stick on surfaces best when the surface is squeaky clean; therefore, a little extra care will make stick on eyeglass nose pads last longer and save you money!

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