Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Nose Pad Arm Mounts
Nose Pads are attached to glasses by the use of small metal nose pad mounting arms that are permanently attached to the eyeglass frame.

The three primary nose pad arm mounting mechanisms are Screw-In
 (screw-on), Push-In (push-on, snap-in, snap-on) , and Slide-In (slide-on). 

The variances in the preceding nose pad terms  reflects the most common nomenclature used in the eyeglass repair industry.  Each of these nose pad mounts is used in the manufacturer of all  types of glasses and sunglasses.  To locate specific replacement nose pad arm mounts on the internet, you may wish to search each of the related terms.

Screw-In:  Screw-in  nose pad arm mounts, also referred to as screw-on mounts,  are compatible with eyeglass nose pads that have a small extension with a hole in it that allows the body of a nose pad screw to pass through holes on either side of a nose pad arm and through this nosepad hole thus securing the nose pad to the nose pad mount.

Push-In: Push-in, push-on, snap-in, or snap-on nose pad arm mounts are compatible with nose pads that have a small extension that is pushed into and latches into a matching receiving receptacle in the nosepad arm thus securing the nose pad to the nose pad arm mount.

Slide-In:  Slide-in, or slide-on  nose pad arm mounts are compatible with nose pads that have a base resembling a "T-shaped" extension that slides into a hairpin like retaining structure in the nose pad arm mount that secures the nosepad to the nosepad mount.

Specialty Nose Pad Mounts:  The above described screw-in, push-in, and slide-on nose pad mounts encompass the majority of nose pad mounting mechanisms employed by most eyeglasses manufacturers. Slide-on mounts are frequently found on rimless frames and are also often referred to as slide-on rimless mounts.

As in other industries, there are always some eyewear manufacturers that have a "better way" to accomplish a task, and in this case many optical frame manufacturers have devised various unique or "specialty" methods to affix nose pads to the glasses that they manufacture.

These less common nose pad mounting methods include: clip-on, crimp on, clamp-on, plug-in, Zeiss, bayonet, Ray-Ban, B&L, Bausch & Lomb,  Rayban, system 3, square pin, Oakley, Bolle,  split pin, and primadonna nose pad mounts.  Both Clip-On nose pads and Crimp-On nose pad types are often referred to as B&L or Rayban type nose pads.

Logic Nose Pads(R):
  Logic Nose Pads, also known as dual-mount nose pads, are a relatively new type of nose pad technology whereby a small extrusion that emanates from the rear of the nose pad enables the nose pad to mount to "either" a screw-in nose pad mount OR a push-in ( snap-in ) nose pad mounting arm on the eyewear.  This is in sharp contrast to traditional nose pads that are able to mount to only one type of nose pad mounting arm.

Stick On Nose Pads / Adhesive Nose Pads:
Stick On Nose Pads or Adhesive Nose Pads are nosepads that contain a thin layer of adhesive material on the rear side of the nose pad.  This adhesive layer is positioned at and adhered to the bridge or nasal area of the glasses.  These nosepads thus provide cushioning to the nasal area of the glasses wearer. 

An advantage of stick on nosepads over traditional glasses nose pads is they are easily replaced by the spectacle frame wearer.  A disadvantage is that adhesive backed nose pads need more frequent replacement.

Common terms for adhesive nose pads that rely on the adhesion of the nose pad at the point of attachment are, glasses stick on nose pads, self adhesive nose pads, foam nose pads, stick on nose pads, press on nose pads, press in nose pads, silicone adhesive nose pads, clear nose pads, and self adhesive nose pads.

Adhesive silicone nose pads and foam based nose pads are the most common version of stick on nose pad technology.

An advantage of stick on and snappy press-on type nose pads is that they have a low profile design and are relatively easy to install and replace.

A disadvantage of using adhesive based nose pads and snappy type nose pads is they do not have the ability to be adjusted as many other types of nose pad systems offer. 

The Rest ......

Nose pads for plastic frames and glasses may also be employed by using snappy nose pads.  Snappy nose pads are also commonly referred to as build-up nose pads, press-in nose pads, and press-on nosepads.  Plastic frames must be customized by an optical professional in order to be able to use snappy type nose pads.

Nose pads for plastic frames and eyeglasses often use stick on nose pads and snappy nose pads.

Nose pads for metal frames are available in most mounting styles except adhesive nose pads since metal frames without nose pads typically do not have a surface area available where a stick-on nose pad can be applied to.

Eyeglasses without nose pads sometimes use adhesive nose pads.  Other options include having an eyeglass repair shop convert or modify an existing glasses frame so that it accommodates a standard nose pad mount.

Nose pads for sunglasses are typically the same as those described above.

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