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Clip-On Nose Pads
Clip-On Nose Pads
Clip-on nose pads are a class of nose pad mounts that are characterized by two metal prongs on the back of each nose pad.  The two prongs wrap around a metal post protruding from the eyeglass bridge.  The metal post is referred to as the clip-on nose pad mount.

There are two clip on nose pad mounting posts on each eyeglass frame; each one located opposite each other on the sunglass or spectacle bridge.

Mounting prongs for clip-on nose pad are also referred to as nose pad arms or nose pad stems.  Generally, a needle nose pliers or optical pliers tool is used to bend each of the metals prongs around the nosepad mounting prongs.

Depending on the dimensions of the metal prongs of the clip-on nose pad, the dimensions of the mounting arms, and how the prongs are bent around the mounting arms, sometimes the installed clip-on nose pad is able to swivel about the nose pad stem.  A tight fitting clip-on eyeglasses pad does not swivel at all.

Either a swiveling clip-on nose pad fit or tight clip-on nose pad fit is fine as long as the nose pad is securely installed around the nose pad arm so that the clip-on nose pad is not able to become dislodged from the eyeglass frame.

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