Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Push-In Nose Pads
Push-in glasses nose pads for sunglasses and eyeglasses are often preferred over screw-on nose pads by both opticians and optical technicians.

While screw on nose pads require the time consuming manipulation of tiny nose pad screws, push-in nose pads can often be installed or removed from glasses frames in less than one tenth of the time!

The insertion of a push-in nose pad may need the use of an optical needle nose pliers.  The function of the pliers is to hold steady and secure the position of the wire-like stem that connects the nose pad mount to the eyeglass frame.  Without using a needle nose pliers or similar tool, when pressure is applied to the push-in nose pad, the wire-like stem may break.

Similarly, when push in pads for glasses are removed, it may be necessary to utilize  a nose pad tool such as a needle nose pliers so that the stem of the nosepad mount does not become broken.

The jaws of the needle nose pliers referred to above should have flat surfaces so that the eyeglass frame components, such as the stem, do not become marred or scratched.

Glasses nose pads and nosepad mounts of the push-in variety are usually referred to as push-on.  Terms such as snap-in, snap-on, or push-in are not commonly used by people in the optical trade, but are sometimes used by consumers.

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