Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Snappy Nose Pads For Plastic Frames
Eyeglasses without nose pads are exemplified by plastic frames.  Snappy nose pads are used on plastic eyeglass frames that have an appropriate nose pad mount to accept or mate with the snappy nosepads.

Snappy nose-pads provide a more permanent method of applying glasses nose pads to plastic frames and glasses than that afforded by using stick-on nose pads which are generally called adhesive nose pads or self adhesive nose pads.

The snappy pad mount consists of two small recessed nose pad mounting holes located on each side of the eyeglass frame bridge area.  Snappy nose pads have corresponding protruding mounting posts that fit into these recessed mounting holes whereby the nose pad is securely held.

Nose pads that are compatible with this type of plastic frame nose pad mount are often called press-on nose pads, or press-in nose pads; although the term snappy nose pad is most commonly used.

Please note that converting eyeglasses without frame pads or nose pieces to glasses that are compatible with snappy nose pads should be performed by a professional frame repair shop or optician that is skilled in this area.

Frame nose pads of the snappy variety are low profile and do not accommodate any adjustment of its position.

Snappy frame nose pads often are available in two sizes, medium and large, which generally correspond to 12mm and 15mm respectively.  Silicone snappy nose pads are the most popular type of snappy pad in the eyewear marketplace.

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