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Nose Pad Popper Tool
A Nose Pad Popper tool is commonly used by opticians when performing eyeglass nose pad maintenance and repair work on push-in, push-on, snap-in, or snap-on nosepads. 

Nose pads are secured to an eyeglass frame by means of a nose pad mounting arm

The fork-like end of the nosepad popper is simply placed around the narrow stem of the nose pad and then a slight upward tilting pressure is applied to this fork-like end.  This action dislodges the nosepad from the nose pad arm mount.  Sometimes the tilting pressure is combined with a slight rotational twisting motion to aid in the removal of the nosepad.

As an alternative to using a nosepad popper tool, opticians may use a screwdriver to remove a nosepad from the nose pad mounting arm.  In this case, the head of the screwdriver is placed between the inside base of the push-on nosepad and the nose pad mounting arm whereby the screwdriver is used to pry the nosepad away from the nose pad arm mount by applying a twisting motion.  This method is more prone to scratching an eyeglass lens.

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Nose Pad Popper Tool for Eyeglass Nose Pads Removal and Replacement
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